Tabitha — corgi/heeler mix

ID No: 448658.

Age: 2 years.

Qualities: This very special young female is super sweet

Fee: Ask for August adoption specials. Fees waived for teachers.

Contact: Pima Animal Care Center, 243-5900.

Meet: PACC, 4000 N. Silverbell Road, noon-7 p.m. Mondays-Friday; 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays.


ID No.: 448335.

Age: 5 years.

Qualities: The handsome male loves laps.

Fee: Ask for August adoption specials. Fees waived for teachers.

Contact: Pima Animal Care Center.

Carlos — Orange tabby

Age: 5 months.

Qualities: He loves to be petted and will happily share a couch while talking over current events.

Needs: An indoor-only home.

Fee: $65, which includes spay/neuter and current shots.

Contact: Paws Patrol in Green Valley at 207-4024 or

Meet: By appointment.

Emma — tabby with white

Age: 3 years

Qualities: Emma, a gentle tabby, is one of the most sweet-natured cats at the sanctuary.

Needs: Indoor-only home.

Fee: $75.

Contact: Feline Ink at 795-1312;

Denny— medium-haired tabby

Age: 3 years.

Qualities: This very affectionate male, rescued as a feral kitten, has embraced life with humans and would love a home with his own people.

Needs: Indoor-only home.

Fee: $75

Contact: Feline Ink.

Melissa — calico

Age: 2 years.

Qualities: Affectionate and independent, this beauty is looking for the right family to help her blossom.

Fee: $99.

Contact: PAWsitively Cats at 289-2747 or

Meet: By appointment

Gus — DSH

Age: 5 months.

Qualities: Gus is a confident and adaptable love bug. He will bring equal amounts of play and snuggles to your home.

Fee: $99.

Contact: PAWsitively Cats at 241-9670 or

Meet: Petco, 9640 E. 22nd St., 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Saturday.

David —min-pin/pug mix

Age: 7 months.

Qualities: A friendly and well-behaved puppy. He is very quiet and does well with dogs, cats, and people.

Fee: $ 175.

Contact: Call SAFE (Saving Animals From Euthanasia) at 349-8637,

Meet: Our dogs at Petco, 5405 E Broadway, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday. SAFE also has cat adoptions at PetSmart, 7727 E. Broadway at Pantano Road, noon to 3 p.m. Saturday.

Dexter- spaniel/terrier mix

Age: 3 months.

Qualities: A goofy and playful puppy, Dexter loves to play with other dogs and water.

Fee: $ 175.

Contact: SAFE.

Toby — registered paint gelding

Age: 19 years.

Qualities: Toby is very smart, friendly, and has been ridden.

Needs: He needs an experienced rider, lots of kindness and TLC. He would also benefit from a companion animal.

Fee: $750.

Contact: Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary at 398-2814

Meet: By appointment.

Bennie – Chihuahua/terrier mix

Age: 2 years.

Qualities: Bennie is friendly guy who gets along well with dogs at the dog park and whose favorite place is in your lap.

Needs: A mature person or couple who are savvy about his breed.

Fee: $85.

Contact: The Animal League of Green Valley at 625-3170 or

Meet: TALGV, 1600 W. Duval Mine Road, Green Valley, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. daily.

Simba – tabby/Maine coon

Age: 10 years.

Qualities: Simba will come to you when called to sit in your lap. At age 10, he qualifies for TALGV’s free “Vet Care for Life” program.

Needs: To be an “only child” in a lady’s home where he can be top guy.

Fee: $65.

Contact: The Animal League of Green Valley.

Fiona — domestic shorthair

ID No.: 762406.

Age: 5 years.

Qualities: Fiona is a gorgeous sweetheart with a delightful purr.

Needs: A cat-friendly home full of love.

Fee: Waived

Contact: The Humane Society of Southern Arizona, 327-6088, Ext. 106, or visit

Meet: At 3450 N. Kelvin Blvd. (just off Fort Lowell Road between North Dodge Boulevard and North Country Club Road) 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday-Saturday and noon-5 p.m. Sunday.

Rudy — Chihuahua mix

ID No.: 759976.

Age: 8 years.

Qualities: Rudy is house trained, crate trained, fabulous on a leash and terrific with people of all ages.

Needs: A cozy spot on your lap.

Fee: $65.

Contact: The Humane Society of Southern Arizona.

Cami– golden retriever

Age: 4 years.

Qualities: This friendly, active girl is good with children.

Needs: Cami has been an outside dog, so she needs a family willing to invest in her training. She needs to be house trained, and although she likes her walks, she also likes to pull on the leash.

Fee: $250.

Contact: Southern Arizona Golden Retriever Rescue,, or call 792-4653.

Meet: By appointment.

Jax — beagle

Age: 7 years.

Qualities: Jax is a good-natured, handsome boy who gets along with everyone. He is smart, friendly, and house trained, and looking for a forever home.

Fee: $125.

Contact: Southern Arizona Beagle Rescue, 520-247-7220, or

Meet: By appointment.

Mason — beagle

Age: 6 years.

Qualities: Mason is a happy, healthy 6-year-old beagle boy looking for his forever home. He is good with kids and other dogs, and loves people.

Fee: $125.

Contact: Southern Arizona Beagle Rescue.