Silver Fox, the 10-year-old, one-eyed stray dog, was adopted (see box, right).

Now a few other pets are hoping to meet the same fate, among them a pair of bull terriers who revel in each other’s company, an older dog who had been abandoned, and cats rescued from a hoarder situation.

These animals are waiting for their new homes at Pima Animal Care Center, which cares for close to 18,000 animals a year. As the community’s only open-admission shelter, 90 percent of the animals go to new homes or to local rescue groups.

Because they have been at the shelter for a while, adoption fees for these pets have been waived. though there is a standard $17 licensing fee that applies to dogs. All PACC pets go home fully vaccinated, microchipped and with a free vet visit voucher. To adopt a pet, visit PACC at 4000 N. Silverbell Road. More information at


is an 8-year-old Staffordshire terrier mix who had been abandoned in a yard without food or water. When she was discovered in January, the Pima Animal Care Center took her in, diagnosed her valley fever (which is easily managed with daily medication), and began to show her sweet and affectionate nature. She is cat-shy, so a home without a feline is her preference. And if there are other dogs in the house, bring them in to meet her before adoption. Her ID number is A586030.

Annie, 3, and Cherry, 1,

have formed a strong friendship. Because of that, the Pima Animal Care Center insists the American pit bull terrier mixes be adopted together. These females are sweet and affectionate, which makes them favorites among shelter volunteers. The two of them are currently PACC’s longest residents. Annie’s ID number is A578793; Cherry’s is A578797.


is a 2-year-old domestic medium-hair mix and a bit shy at first. That may be due to his background: He was rescued by the PACC from a hoarder situation. Because of that, an owner who is patient and able to make introductions slowly would be the best match for him. It pays off, however: Once Carson gets to know you, he warms up to petting. And treats, of course. His identification number is A589801.

Mr. Joyspring,

1, was also rescued from a hoarder, and is shy, as well — though not with fellow cats. The domestic medium-hair mix is a playful guy and loves hanging with his feline pals. But he needs to learn to trust humans again, so calm and patience are necessary for him. His identification number is A589795.