DEVORE, Nechama (nee Marilyn) gently passed away on June 7, 2013 surrounded by her husband, Samuel; daughter, Karen (Joel) Heller and friends. Over the past few weeks she was in the company of many loving family members and friends. Nechama radiated joy and comfort (Nechama) as well G-D power and consciousness to all. She was a very special soul who loved everyone. Nechama possessed an amazing relationship with, and love of G-D. She saw and connected to the goodness inside of each person. One of her daughters-in-law said "She was the most naturally sweet woman I've ever known". At High Holy Days services at Congregation Or Chadash, Nechama was the "Ba'alat Tekiah," the "Mistress of the Sounding of the Shofar" (The Ram's Horn). As she responded to each call for a different blast of the Shofar, Nechama's extraordinary breath control brought to all who heard it a profound sense of the true meaning of the Days of Awe. The sounds were music for the soul to all who heard. Nechama trained and certified as a Chaplain at UMC, an accomplishment for which she was justly proud. She then broadened her ministry to everything in creation. As she moved about her universe, she especially loved TJ's and COSTCO. As she entered the store, her antennas went up looking for "her people". She would seek out the elderly (she was 73 and made fun of herself about "Who are the elderly?") and the young mothers with little kids. With them, she would start the conversation by engaging in small talk over the item that the person was looking at. To the young mother, (the more harried the better) she would praise the children. She had and used her ability to lower her age to the children's so they could relate to her. A shopping trip of maybe 12 items could take hours. She was always joyous and it showed. She awakened with a smile and laughed all day long. No doubt she will be in a part of the "Joyous" section with G-D. To honor her please do an act of kindness, take a walk or hike at sunset, in the desert or around a nursery, smelling as many flowers as you can. Get outdoors. She loved our desert. Check out our night sky as she did every evening. Services are at 9:00 a.m. Tuesday June 11, 2013 at Congregation Or Chadash, 3939 N. Alvernon Way followed by a Graveside Service at Evergreen Cemetery. Tuesday's attire Nechama has requested that no flowers be brought to services, but rather that the attire be colors of butterflies or flowers. The Family will be sitting Shiva and receiving people every evening (except Friday) through Sunday June 16, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. at the Devore household. Donations welcomed at Congregation Or Chadash or Arizona Cancer Center UMC North. Arrangements by EVERGREEN MORTUARY.

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