Don Luis Durazo Redondo

1921 - 1996

Check out that picture. That's you walking down Congress in about 1943. What a handsome devil. Hey pop is that A-1 that you and Joe are drinking? I remember how you loved a cold beer on a hot day. Actually, I remember how you liked a beer, cold or warm, on any day. Another year has flown by and more of your favorites left us. If you have not already, you'll be seeing Andy Williams. You liked that smaltzy song he sang, Moon River. And Ernest Borgine. Remember him in the Wild Bunch and The Dirty Dozen? And there's Mike Wallace from "60 Minutes" who you weren't too fond of. Whatever you do, don't let him ask you any questions. I'm wondering if Greta, my golden retriever who left me a few weeks ago has found you yet. I know she will. She was such a sweet girl. Please take good care of her for me. She loved me unconditionally and it broke my heart to lose her. Please brush her and cut up some fresh vegetables for her. She loves carrots and broccoli. Unlike people our critters love us unconditionally and Greta certainly did. I remember how mad you were when your dachshund Snoopy ate through your car seat and how you cried when she died. Great News! I found a hood for that tata truck. It's installed and it's in perfect shape. Your old Jimmy passed emissions with flying colors, as usual after 33 years. My mom had a dream about you the other night. She said she was in the kitchen cooking and all of a sudden you were standing in the doorway. She said, "Luis, what are you doing here?" You told her you were there to make sure she was okay. She asked you to sit down and have something to eat. But you said you had to go and disappeared. I have always known you were watching over her. You were and are the love of her life. You will always be the best man I have ever known. I miss your incredible sense of humor. You taught me not to let even the worst circumstances force me to give up. That has served me well because in my lifetime I made lots of mistakes, some from which I thought I could not recover. And you taught me to be strong and to be strong for others when they need a lift. You taught me to be generous with those less fortunate. Most importantly you taught me the importance of loving your family and letting them know about it. Each time I saw you, which was not often enough, and even when I became a man, you always told me you loved me and hugged me and gave me a big kiss. Wish I could have your big hands around my shoulders just one more time. I hope one day when I leave this earth people will tell funny stories about me and talk about how I loved you and my mom and my sweetheart, Carol. Then, like you, I will have led a complete life. Keep warm dad and take a pull of that White Owl for me.

Te quiero siempre mi jefito.

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