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Floyd Stump

was born in Indiana, and wore many hats in his 84 years. Passed away on July 24, 2014. He built a house when he was just 23, doing all the work himself. He moved to Tucson and did commercial refrigeration work for grocery store chains for 15 years. He established a drilling company with his son Rex doing sample work for mining companies. This took him into the rugged mountains in three states, with home base being the gold rush area of California. After retiring and moving back to Tucson, he built a small house out of town and enjoyed the rural life. He bought and developed parcels of land nearby to stay busy. Floyd took his responsibilities seriously and helped many in his extended family throughout the years. He was generous with his time and skills to friends and neighbors. He met so many interesting folks along his life journey, he will be missed by many. His son, Rex predeceased him in 2007. He is survived by wife, Miriam; sons, Alan and Joel; daughter, Shelly Berger; and six grandchildren. A family memorial will be held at a later date.