I don’t care what anyone says about polygamists. They have got it going on.

Lots of moms to share the load? Sign. Me. Up.

They are definitely onto something. Although they do tend to have too many kids, which totally defeats the purpose. For the multiple-mom thing to truly work, grown-ups need to outnumber the kids by about 10-1.

But I know I wouldn’t mind a sister wife or four.

A while back, a divorced mom friend who was

jonesing for an early-Sunday-morning run lamented on Facebook that she wished she had a husband around.

“You don’t need a husband,” I told her. “You need a wife. Then, not only could you go out for a run, but when you came home, there’d be breakfast on the table waiting for you and all the laundry would be washed and folded.”

Because — based on my experience at least — my husband wouldn’t even think of doing that stuff while I was out. However, he would have achieved a new personal high score on Titanfall. Just sayin’.

So, bring on the sister wives. Because even when you have a partner in parenting, it still never seems like enough. There’s always a last-minute, late-afternoon, can’t-miss meeting that pops up on the very day that all the kids have activities at the exact same time — on different ends of town. Yup, it definitely takes a village ... just to drive a child.

Luckily, I have one exceedingly considerate, always-on-the-ball “sister wife” — a friend from school — who routinely jumps in to drive No. 1 to basketball games. (Truth be told, she should probably be raising my kids, too.)

Now, if I could just line up some sister maids ...

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