Mom’s don’t have expensive jewelry or designer perfume for Mother’s Day. We asked them and what they want and gifts made with the loving hands of their children.

And we’ve some ideas for them. The following are gifts that can be made with something most children can relate to, popsicle stick. The gifts are easy and inexpensive; but the most appealing is how easy it will be for dad or any adult to assist in making a gift that Mom really wants. With a quick trip to dollar and craft stores we were able to make four great gifts for mom that were easy and fun — and thrifty: we spent about $27. Visit for photo galleries and video of these projects.

Jewelry Box

Supplies needed:

  • Colored Popsicle sticks (bag of 20)
  • Glue sticks and gun
  • Any of the following will do — a small rock, old button or old piece of jewelry (this will make it easier to lift the top of box)
  • optional — a sheet of colored paper for a decorative bottom for the box)

Glue sticks together side by side (11 sticks make a nice size). You will need two sets of these, one for the top and one for the bottom of the jewelry box. Optional: glue a fitted square from the colored paper to one of the sets.

Place two sticks parallel to each other on one of the finished top or bottom pieces. Place a dab of glue on both ends of each stick, place two more sticks horizontally to each stick and continue this process until desired height of jewelry box. Place a stick just inside the last two sticks, put a dap of glue on each end and set the lid down, lift the lid and let dry. Glue a small rock or whatever you have decided to use to the top.

5 reasons why I love my Mom

Supplies needed:

  • 6 large Popsicle sticks
  • Paint and brush
  • Glue stick and gun
  • 3 feet of yarn/twine
  • Crayons or markers

Paint the sticks. Write “Reasons why I love Mom” on one of the sticks. Use a crayon/marker to write the reasons on the remaining five sticks. Cut the yarn into three equal lengths. Line the six sticks horizontally with the writing facing down with the one titled “Reasons why I love Mom” at the top. Place a dab of glue on both ends of sticks and place a string of the cut yarn vertically on each side of the sticks. Place a dab of glue on both ends of the top stick and place the final string of yarn on the glue.


Supples needed:

  • Stove and small sauce pan
  • 2 large Popsicle sticks (bags of 10)
  • Glue sticks and gun
  • String or yarn, paint, markers or crayons (depending on how you would like to decorate bracelet)
  • Coffee cups or drinking glasses (used to mold the bracelets so choose a size according to the wrist of who will be wearing this)
  • Rubberbands

Place large Popsicle sticks in boiling water for 15 minutes. Remove sticks with tongs one at a time. Start in the center of the stick to bend until it will fit in or around a glass. If placing around, secure with rubber bands. Let dry for 24 hours. Decorate as desired.

Decorating with yarn: Place a dab of glue in the middle of the inside of a bracelet, choose yarn and place the end on dab of glue. Continually wrap yarn around the bracelet until you reach the pattern you want. You can add another color by simply gluing an additional color to the inside of the bracelet. Other decorating ideas include: Decorating with paint or markers: Paint outside of bracelet desired color, write a message with crayons or markers. You can also choose to not paint and simply write a message with crayons or markers. Decorate with Washi or Duct tape. Cut tape to cover outside of bracelet. Using a thumbtack or push pin, poke a hole at the ends of the bracelet. Run yarn or string through each hole, add a bead on the end for a different look.

Picture frame

  • Glue gun
  • Photo
  • 4 Popsicle sticks
  • Twine/yarn
  • Decorative jewels

Glue four Popsicle sticks together connecting each end. Glue the yarn/twine to the top so mom can hang it. You can leave it plain, dd some bling, paint the sticks, make a stand — let your imagination run wild and add a photo that will melt moms heart.