The morning of an important event, you wouldn’t dig through your closet and pick the clothes crumpled at the bottom.

It’s the same with exercise.

“You look good, you feel good, you play good,” says Lydia Kennedy, the owner of ReActivate — New & Used Activewear, 2782 N. Campbell Ave.

Picking the right fitness clothing keeps you loosey-goosey during your workout and it boosts self-esteem.

Jade Beall sees this in the West African dance classes she teaches. Students start showing up for class, decked out, dressed to sweat.

In February 2012, Beall and her life partner Alok Appadurai launched Fed By Threads, an organic, made-in-America clothing line that supplies 12 meals to the hungry for every piece of clothing sold. Many of their clothes have multipurpose qualities, designed for Beall’s lifestyle of dance, yoga and work.

“It’s important for me to have a certain style, even though it’s not extravagant, and to feel the very best I can, because I’m facilitating some intense things for a group of women,” Beall says. “I think when I know I’ve made good choices, and I’m wearing something that I know I won’t stink in, all those things help me to be at ease and focus on what I really want to focus on — dancing and ripping it up.”

For that extra shot of empowerment, look for comfortable clothes that move with you and breathe. Make sure they’re durable and can handle the type of workout you’re planning.

Although a brand name packs a punch in the fitness world, both Beall and Kennedy see a move away from splashing labels across clothing. Seasons aside, bright colors keep fitness flashy — especially for athletes jogging or biking the streets.

“You want to feel great about what you’re doing and comfortable,” Kennedy says. “If you’re not comfortable, and you’re feeling embarrassed, chances are you’re not going to do that sport again.”


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