Wanderlust makes for a fickle muse.

After Heather Lindquist closed her boutique Revolutio in January, after about two years downtown, she spent one month roaming New Zealand with her 3-year-old son, Bodhi.

The single mom came back inspired.

The colors in her upcoming fall designs come from the palette of her travels — seafoam greens, magentas, blues and purples.

This is the third season for her Tonatiuh line, tonatiuhdesigns.com . Last fall, she showcased her collection on a Tucson Fashion Week runway and plans on a smaller display this year. Tonatiuh, her son’s middle name, means “sun” in the Aztec language.

Lindquist, 41, keeps her designs simple, light and easy for travel, focusing on comfort in the desert. For her, place sparks an imagination kept active by a personal history of painting, photography and glassblowing.

“It’s learning about culture, even in the U.S., and the different people in each place,” Lindquist says. “Even being in Tibet and India, I was interested in learning about the people and how they live.”

Which, of course, begs for a list of the stamps in her passport.

As a child, Lindquist traveled with her family around the world, crisscrossing the globe. She continues to travel as an adult and has visited Mexico, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Nepal, Ireland and England.

That’s off the top of her head.

As an 18-year-old, Lindquist attended art school in Florence, Italy, for one year. There, with the dollar strong, she bought her first designer pieces.

“I feel like with traveling, you have a hands-on approach,” Lindquist says. “Like learning art history in Italy, it leaves a bigger impression on someone to see it in person.”

Lindquist is currently writing a book on her travels in Tibet and will include her photographs. She hopes to publish “A Wave in the Ocean” online by the end of the September. For fashion inspiration, she sometimes flips through a book on Tibetan styles.

With her designs currently in production in Los Angeles, Lindquist is considering wholesale deals with boutiques, including one taker in New Zealand and trunk-show partners in Tucson.

The clothing will join the rest of Lindquist’s remaining store inventory and Tonatiuh designs in the new incarnation of Revolutio — a garage-turned-boutique in her backyard.

Still, wanderlust can strike at any time.

“Travel inspires me creatively,” Lindquist says. “I have to travel or I get antsy. I used to travel once a year, but it’s harder now.”

Here are a few samples of Lindquist’s travel-savvy designs. Note that prices are subject to change.

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