Even as summer fades, you can still keep that sun-kissed glow. You just don’t want to look like you took a dip in a pool of orange paint.

This can get tricky — especially since everyone knows playing peek-a-boo with the unforgiving desert sun is a no-no. With spray tans notorious for their orange tint and tanning beds increasingly identified as harmful and cancer-causing, you run out of options pretty quick.

Tinted lotions present a happy medium. You get the tan and bonus moisturizer but skip the UV rays.

“It gives you an even coverage,” said Christina Marburger of Gadabout Salon Spas, which offers a Sun Glow Massage. “It looks more natural. ... You can work in the moisturizer everywhere.”

Gadabout’s Sun Glow ($80), offered at all its locations, includes a professional exfoliation, a full massage — that incorporates sunless tanner — with special attention to the hands and feet, and a trip to the steam room.

If you’d rather take matters into your own hands, clean and exfoliate your skin. Then, work the lotion into areas around your joints that will need a little more attention. It might take additional applications and more upkeep than a true-blue suntan, but in 10 years, your skin will thank you. Do keep in mind that everyone’s skin reacts differently to products.

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