There comes a time in every UA coed’s life — oh, about two hours after graduation — that she realizes midriff-bearing Wildcat T-shirts and tube tops are a thing of the past.

Games become about showing spirit, not skin.

So then what’s a gal to wear?

“I have a hard time finding red tops and things,” says Tara Kirkpatrick, 41, a die-hard University of Arizona fan who graduated in ’94. “The collegiate stores have so many creative, cute clothes, but they’re really geared to the under-21 crowd.”

It’s trickier for female fans over 40, Kirkpatrick says — she knows from experience.

When the freelance writer and mother of two went scouting for a not-too-short red dress to wear to games, she had a heck of a time. She scoured half a dozen local stores and as many online. Kirkpatrick finally hit pay dirt at Old Navy with a $20 rayon dress that she can wear to football and basketball games.

“My friend and I used to joke that we would open a store that only sells cute, red clothing for the UA games,” Kirkpatrick says.

Actually, Clique comes pretty darn close.

The women’s boutique, 1865 E. River Road, carries a ton of red clothing and accessories like scarves, even Wildcat-colored, crystal-embellished Havaianas flip-flops.

Owner Lou Anne Kolt says that red is flattering for many people, aside from being the color of choice for this Wildcat-crazy town.

“People are so gung-ho for the games,” Kolt says. “The day of the games, they’ll just buy it and cut off the tags.”