Old-school hydration mist: a spritz with the green garden hose.

Modern hydration sprays are a little more sophisticated than that old childhood favorite. If one isn’t part of your summer skin arsenal, it should be.

What they are

Hydration sprays range from straight-up, water-only misters like Evian Mineral Water Spray to products packed with antioxidants and essential oils.

What they do

Mostly set makeup and refresh skin, but different sprays offer different perks. The Karma Day Spa carries Jane Iredale sprays, which have three formulas to help oily, combination and mature skin, says owner Angelica Contreras. One of Gadabout SalonSpas popular sellers is Skin Authority Moisturizing Mist, which helps soothe irritated skin and reduce puffiness, says Jana Westerbeke, who owns Gadabout SalonSpas with husband, Frank.

How to use

Westerbeke recommends closing eyes and holding the canister at least a few inches from your face. Your face shouldn’t be dripping wet, just lightly spritzed. Obvi, waterproof mascara is a must when you mist.

Why you want one

“It’s absolutely a perfect way to refresh,” says Westerbeke, who’s been toting Being True Transforming Mineral Mist in her purse for the past month. Red stoplights give her an opportunity to spray some on. You can also keep the container in the fridge for an extra refreshing experience. Both Westerbeke and Contreras emphasize that these aren’t a substitute for hydrating from the inside. “Everybody should be drinking enough water,” Contreras says. “Being in Arizona, you have to keep yourself hydrated.”