Everyone calls Jane Pitts “Ozma.”

The name — which comes from the princess in L. Frank Baum’s series of Oz books and is also her designer resale store — appeals to the artist.

“I like being surrounded by beautiful things,” she says, gesturing toward the unique finds that represent the creme de la creme of the design world. Alexander Wang. Jil Sander. Lanvin. Missoni.

If you’re a fashion junkie, you’re drooling.

Now you’ll just plain pass out: She charges a fraction of the original selling prices.

Brand-new Tibi wool-blend pants, $32. A vintage cashmere coat, $44.

She calls the reasonable numbers “Tucson prices.”

“You don’t want to go into debt to shop,” Pitts says. (Interesting side note: Princess Ozma, who was quite compassionate, did away with money in Oz.)

Pitts, who’s had the storefront for two years, originally schlepped around stuff for trunk shows. She’s always had an eye for the finer things, and as a teen in the ’70s wore vintage when it wasn’t cool — or even accepted.

“Used clothing was considered a shameful thing,” she says. “Parents would tell their kids, ‘You can’t wear dead people’s clothes.’”

The former clothing designer knows her way around a couture stitch and considers herself a textile junkie. “The best designers have access to the best materials.”

Ozma Atelier’s mix of designer and vintage, men’s and women’s along with a smidge of housewares, is the result of some serious searching. “I have to look at a lot of crap to find this stuff,” she says.

Pitts has “really good sources.” She has connections all over the country and counts Doris Raymond of Los Angeles’ famous The Way We Wore vintage store as a friend. Invites to exclusive events give her dibs on runway items.

Pitts, who gravitates toward whimsical and art clothing, describes her own style as “all over the map.”

So how does she keep herself in check since she gets first crack at all the goodies?

“I don’t want to be a hoarder,” she says, then adds, “I reserve the right to try things on.”