The Babyliss Pro MiraCurl is the Cadillac of curling irons, with multiple heat settings and curl directions. — Credit: Babyliss Pro MiraCurl

Babyliss Pro MiraCurl

Curling your hair can be such a pain in the ... arm.

It takes forever — all that winding and waiting while you’ve got your shoulder hoisted at an uncomfortable angle. And if your hair is long and straight, ooof, better take an Advil.

But luscious, loose waves are in — IN, people! — and so those of us who are slaves to beauty trends have no choice; we must suck it up and curl like we’ve never curled before.

That’s a much less daunting task with the new Babyliss Pro MiraCurl. The machine — which has a covered, heated chamber — promises to create effortless waves and, the best part, it’s automatic. The iron winds the hair for you.

Did you see that? Winds the hair for you. Angels, with spiral curls, just broke into song.

We put the MiraCurl to the ultimate test drive: the slick, straight, fine hair of a teenage girl before a school dance.

It’s normally an exceedingly tiring chore since the hair falls well past the shoulders, but the Babyliss created lovely, wavy locks all over in 14 minutes flat. That’s fast.

The Babyliss saves arm strain because of the auto-winding. The trick is to make sure you have a nice combed-out section about an inch wide, clamp it and let the iron suck up the hair. Only a few times did some stray flyaway pieces get caught in there and cause the machine to beep and stop, meaning we had to start over.

The resulting curls were finger-combed into soft waves that lasted into the next day.

The Babyliss Pro Miracurl has all the bells and whistles you’d expect with a price tag in the neighborhood of $200 — different heat settings, timers and hair can be curled in different directions, saving the embarrassment of the fashion don’t of tacky uniform curls. It costs $180 and can be found locally at Studio S Salon, 6761 E. Tanque Verde Road.