The Village of Elgin Winery will celebrate its newest venture the Elgin Brewhouse on Saturday, Sept. 2, but it won't be all about cocktails, beer and ribbon-cutting.

The celebration also will be a memorial of sorts for the winery's mascot, a gracious and elegant peacock named Trevor who was killed by a car last week. 

"We are heartbroken ......," the owners posted on Facebook.

The news was sobering for folks who had visited the Village of Elgin Winery and seen the perky peacock strut about like he owned the place, his beautiful, colorful feathers flowing behind him.

He would hold court, especially among his owners who adored Trevor to lengths that words cannot adequately describe. And Trevor, the owners' devoted pet and the winery's unofficial mascot, was a bonafide celebrity; folks who came into the winery at 471 Elgin Road in the heart of the Sonoita/Elgin wine country would spot the bright train of blue, green and gold feathers and ooh and ahh in amazement.

Trevor had his own Facebook page where he'd posts his musings and let his fans know what he was up to. On July 10, he posted that Regina the turkey was coming to stay with him "and I think it's fabulous! Going to eat my grapes, cookies, maybe a lizard or two and relax. I'm loving the cooler temps as well," the post read.

On Aug. 24, there was a final posting on Trevor's page: "Apparently I was killed and the jackwagon who couldn't even tell the people who have loved me for over 3 years, that my dead body was on the side of the road," the post read.

At Saturday's brewhouse opening, the winery will celebrate Trevor as well as the new venture, according to a Facebook posting that also asked people to bring along their favorite pictures and memories of Trevor to share. Admission to the event, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., is free and they will be serving $5 special beers and cocktails including, for the last time this year, the popular tropical sangria. Click here for details. 

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