Candied jalapeños.

Sounds a little weird, right? And a lot delicious.

“You think, ‘Jalapeño? That’s going to burn me,’” says Joanne Crisantes, co-owner of Three Amigas, which makes a line of savory-sweet nibbles. “The sugar tames the spice.”

The distinctive bites are the signature item of Three Amigas, two BFFs since their Palo Verde High School days and the mom who first canned lightning in a jar. The trio — Crisantes, Chasity Kaufman and her mom, Susan French, — went to local farmers markets peddling the sweet, picklelike jalapeños, after Crisantes insisted they’d be a hit.

The women recently opened a midtown storefront. They sell their own products along with many locally made goodies, from honey to jewelry.

When the amigas hand out samples, the jalapeños top tortilla chips slicked with cream cheese. But you can add ’em to pretty much everything — burgers, quesadillas, pizza, even ... ice cream.

“It’s actually very good because of the sweetness of it,” says French, who grew up on an Indiana farm canning all the family’s food. “I’ve not found anything I didn’t like them on.”

Crisantes says winter visitors will stock up, buying jarred jalapeños, $7 each, by the case.

“They become addictive.”

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