Everyone who wants a turkey raised in a cage and fed antibiotics, raise your hand.

Yeah, we aren’t interested in something like that on our Thanksgiving table, either.

We Tucsonans, happily, have a choice: Chiricahua Pasture Raised Meats in Willcox has been raising turkeys for our holiday tables for years. Owner Josh Koehn’s birds are free range, and while they forage for food, he supplements that by making his own feed for them. That ensures that the meat is free of genetically modified organisms and additives. 

But if you want yours, order now — he only has so many birds, and it’s first-come, first-served. The turkeys weigh 14 to 20 pounds and cost $4.40 a pound. Tucson deliveries are Nov. 16. Koehn has several spots where he makes deliveries — it’s your job to get to them and pick up your bird.

To order, go to cprmeats.com or call 1-520-507-3436.