Collection: Your guide to Get Moving, Tucson

Read the latest articles to Randy Accetta's Get Moving, Tucson project.

Get Moving: Learn how to head off injuries

Most runners eventually experience a point in time when everything seems to be running smoothly then suddenly (ugh!) an injury shows up out of nowhere. An injury is a sign of a physical breakdown that often occurs after a period of running harder, farther, on different terrain, or in worn-out shoes.

This week's challenge: Eat better, feel great

We hope that you are well on your way to meeting your fitness goal, or at least taking a few steps forward. Last week we encouraged you to start a six-week run/walk plan. This week we challenge you to eat better.

Resolve to move more over the next seven weeks

Here it is, already: April — a good time to take stock on how you’re doing with any resolutions you may have made to exercise more in 2014.


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