Buzz Reece is a businessman on a mission with no time to waste.

The former Chicago resident is on his second round of experimental chemotherapy now that mantle cell lymphoma, a rare blood cancer, has returned.

Looking to the future, Reece started L&B Enterprises, a landscape maintenance equipment store in north Tucson, about a year ago to provide his wife, Lily Ballash, with a steady income.

"I wanted to get my wife something that was stable and income-producing," says Reece.

Reece ran Mundelein Mowers in Chicago for two decades before retiring from a second job with FedEx and moving to Tucson 15 years ago. "I wanted to go someplace relatively warm," he says.

Ballash handles the business end, while Reece takes care of operations for the store, which sells, services and repairs power equipment for landscape maintenance.

A big chunk of the business focuses on equipping and servicing commercial clients. But it also stocks residential-grade products, including lawn mowers, weed whips, trimmers and chain saws from Husqvarna, Worx, Echo, Snapper and Maruyama.

One popular line is the electric Worx products that operate on lithium-ion batteries, which are lighter and hold a full charge longer than other batteries.

The battery-operated lawn mowers ($200-$500) have no engine that requires maintenance or a tune-up. It's very quiet. "All you hear is the blade cutting grass," says Reece.

Battery-operated blowers ($150) reduce noise to about the sound of a hair blower.

Shoppers who are into power tools for landscape work might appreciate some of these products with cool features:

• Worx trimmer ($60) that flips into an edger with just a couple of adjustments.

• Snapper push mowers ($469-$779) with cup holders mounted on the handle.

• Fuel-injection chain saws ($249-$1,000) that automatically adjust the gas-air mixture based on the altitude, temperature and air moisture.

• A Husqvarna weed whip on wheels ($330) that goes where a mower can't fit.

• A Husqvarna hovering mower ($600) that floats on air so that it can cut grass on uneven or sloping ground.

The store also carries pressure washers, tillers, generators, hedge trimmers and augers.

The stock of a few landscaping tools and accessories includes axes (starting at $40), work gloves ($5-$20) and kits for sharpening chains without removing them from the saws ($40-$50).

L&B Enterprises

2107 W. Wetmore Road, 390-5600,

• Hours: 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Mondays-Fridays, 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays.

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