The arrival of the monsoon rains make this a great time to plant a summer garden.

"We started planting last Saturday and some of the plants are up already. Some of them were up after just three days," Bill O'Malley, the Mission Garden project manager, said Friday. Peas and watermelon are a couple of the plants that had started sprouting.

Native Seeds/SEARCH, a nonprofit now in its 30th year promoting agricultural diversity in the Southwest, has donated many of the seeds.

"We have a winter garden that was planted last November and December and they provided a lot of the seeds for that," O'Malley said. "Now we're planting a summer garden and the Timeline Gardens, and they are providing a lot of the seeds for both of those." As those crops mature, volunteers will harvest some of the seeds to return to Native Seeds/SEARCH.

If you go

Native Seeds/SEARCH sells hundreds of varieties of seeds online at

Its retail shop at 3061 N. Campbell Ave. also carries a wide variety, including a monsoon collection that features heat-adapted and drought-tolerant plants. Seed packets start at $2.95.

• Monsoon plant sale: On July 27, the nonprofit will sell a variety of locally grown seedlings at its retail shop. Doors will open at 9 a.m. for members, and 10 a.m. for the general public.