Even chandeliers have gone green. The attention-commanding lighting fixtures, once more associated with tradition than trendiness, have gotten an update.

Popular chandelier styles can best be described "soft contemporary," said Danny Levkowitz, owner of Sun Lighting. "Customers are wanting a unique product. They're tired of the homogenized builder-type product," he said. The result has been more demand for fixtures with a streamlined feel, often making use of tiny LED lights and natural or recycled elements such as beads, shells and natural stones.

Linda Abell, lighting consultant and buyer for Illuminations, has observed similar trends. She also noted that customers are increasingly asking where products are made. "They want made in America," she said.

For the artists behind MAST boutique, that's good news. They specialize in handcrafted pieces using recycled and vintage materials. The raw materials for the lamps crafted by co-owner Sofie Albertsen Gelb are ostrich eggs and vintage rocking horses.


• Sun Lighting, 4545 E. Broadway, 322-4303.

• Illuminations, 3527 E. Fort Lowell Road, 325-3031.

• MAST, 299 S. Park Ave. 720-0299.

Carli Brosseau is a Tucson-based freelance writer. Contact her at carli.brosseau@gmail.com