When it comes to fall home fashions, old is new again. Vintage, repurposed, reclaimed - all buzz words for this fall's hot new looks.

"Things got so slick in the world of home décor that it was only a matter of time before we returned to more of a vintage feel,'' said Kimberley Yant-Dominguez, a merchandise manager at Cost Plus World Market.

"The recycling movement helped move it forward,'' she added. "Pieces have an aged look, and they have a found feel.''

Whether from boats or barns, reclaimed wood is finding new life in furniture, said Morgan Trevers, general manager at Table Talk in Tucson.

"Furniture is made from reclaimed woods, with a French country appeal,'' Trevers said. "It gives wood a new lease on the world.''

Customers are looking for that cozy, familiar feel.

"People are buying what they perceive as comfortable,'' Trevers said. "They want familiarity, a comfort zone, and they want something that's been around and will be around.''

Here's a taste of what to expect in home fashions this fall:


Lisa Liu , who represents Simply Vera Vera Wang at Kohl's, said deep shades of red, purple and blue are trending, as well as softer shades of green. "We're not talking about a lot of wild colors, but definitely shades and textures in the comforters.''

It's all about comfort and texture in throw pillows and comforters - whether a delicate weave or a chunkier look.

"That little bit of added texture is important this year,'' Liu said.

Cost Plus World Market

Cost Plus is fusing African Safari with British Colonial for fall, Yant-Dominguez said. "I like to think of it as our ode to 'Out of Africa'," she said. "It's really grounded in neutrals with pops of color.''

From a chunky wool fishbone rug to animal and tribal prints, striking and soft are at the top of the list. Skin is in, with luxurious, faux animal prints.

Sprinkled throughout the fall collection are pieces that move. "Movable furniture - like when the British would go on safari and move their whole house - is very popular." Look for wheels on desks, ottomans and even a traveling bar that folds into a trunk.

Back again this year is the popular papasan chair, with a twist - newly updated faux fur cushions. "The papasan is a classic chair and we have carried it as long as we've been in business, since 1958,'' Yant-Dominguez said. "It's one of the most comfortable chairs you'll find to curl up in with a good book. It's kind of a guilty pleasure.''

Also new for fall is the Venetian Bazaar line. "In the 13th century Venice was a very important trading center, and we thought, 'What would a loft or flat look like in Venice today?' "

Crushed velvet, etched glass pieces and rich colors come together with distressed wood, darker metal accents and aged-looking pieces.

Blues and greens - accented with vibrant colors like bright apple green - are popular as well. "From bright blue to turquoise, everything in blue is working well,'' Yant-Dominguez said.

And don't forget throw pillows, which incorporate the ribbon used to finish saris.

"It adds a little shine without being too much, a little bit of bling without going overboard,'' Yant-Dominguez said.

Table Talk

"Coffee bean brown is the new color for fall, and we're seeing burnt oranges,'' said Table Talk's Trevers. "We're seeing deeper, richer colors.''

Reclaimed wood with metal accents - even good ol' chicken wire - is in fashion. "It's an eclectic look, very rustic,'' he said.

Southwestern has been replaced by ranch style, without a coyote in sight this season. "What we're seeing has more of a bunk-house cabin appeal,'' Trevers said.

Always popular at Table Talk is HF Coors dinnerware, made right here in Tucson. The homey dinnerware, platters and bowls come in a variety of bright colors.

And in a flashback to the '90s, Mexican glassware - rimmed in cobalt, amber or red - is flying off the shelves. "Pitchers and margarita glasses are popular like they were in the '90s,'' Trevers said.

Whimsical yard art with an arts and crafts appeal is in fashion, as is anything that is - or looks - reclaimed.

"Reusing, reclaiming, multipurposing - people want to figure out other ways to use things,'' Trevers said.


Sabrina Soto, Target Style Expert for Home and HGTV designer, said in an email that consumers are looking for "unexpected twists and updates on traditional home décor.'' Target's fall Threshold line offers patterns, colors and textures that can be incorporated into an existing look.

"The tribal prints are a popular trend this fall, as well as imagery of nature and the equestrian lifestyle,'' according to Soto. "Color and texture also will be a big trend this fall because they are an easy way to add definition and life to a room.''

Look for leather accents and metal hardware, as well as styles that pair deep hues - which create a feeling of warmth and comfort for cooler months - with brighter colors. Deep teal, eggplant, and moss green will be popular as well as tangerine, chartreuse and gold, Soto predicted.

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