Anne Johnson traded the corporate ladder for gym equipment.

Shaye Photo-Your Image DIVA

Anne Johnson is the ultimate multi-hyphenate.

She’s a “recovering” engineer/real estate investor/analyst in the Air Force Reserve/gym co-owner and married mother of two, which means she’s also, in her words, “a part-time referee/maid/short-order cook.”

After spending nearly a year handling the business end of the gym and some personal training around her day job, Johnson decided it was time to ditch her cubicle — and the corporate world — for good.

“I realized that gym time was happy time,” says Johnson, who has an 8-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son. “That was the one time during the day that I didn’t have ‘Mommy, Mommy, Mommy.’ No one was bothering me. It was like being at recess.”

In January, she swapped her professional workwear for a logoed gym T-shirt.

“I’m 39 and I live in spandex,” Johnson jokes. “My hair’s in a permanent ponytail.”

She’s not complaining.

As co-owner of DNA Personal Training, 3305 N. Swan Road, she’s able to help people and make a difference.

“It’s more rewarding,” she says, adding that while life is still a juggling act, she loves having the flexibility to attend her kids’ middle-of-the-day school events.

Johnson faces the big 4-0 in December, and she’s just fine with that.

“What I’m training to do right now, I’m trying to do a one-armed push-up,” she says. “That’s not bad. I’m almost 40, and I can dead lift almost 300 pounds.”

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