Daughter Caroline goes along for the ride with Elizabeth Przygoda-Montgomery. “Some people do yoga, some meditate, some get acupuncture,” says Przygoda-Montgomery. “Just getting a good sweat out in nature is my way to chill.”

Mamta Popat / Arizona Daily Star

Some people live for the gym.

Elizabeth Przygoda-Montgomery will take Pima Canyon any day.

“It’s way better than going to the gym and working out on a treadmill,” she says. “Pima Canyon is my treadmill.”

The business owner — a landscape designer, she owns Boxhill Design and runs online store www.shopboxhill.com — and mom has precious few minutes to herself, but she makes a point of spending some “me” time outside. This time of year, the Pima Canyon Trail in the Coronado National Forest (at the east end of Magee Road) can’t be beat.

“It’s kind of my go-to place,” says Przygoda-Montgomery, who’s also an avid gardener. “It’s beautiful. During the monsoon season, you can watch the monsoons roll in. It’s so gorgeous.”

Przygoda-Montgomery says Pima Canyon is just the right speed, whether she’s on her own or toting her toddler daughter.

“Some people do yoga, some people meditate, some people get acupuncture,” she says. “Just getting a good sweat out in nature is my way to chill.”