Mady — Pit bull terrier mix

ID No.: A596770.

Age: 2 years.

Story: Mady is a graduate from PACC’s decompression program, which gives shy dogs extra time to learn to trust people again. Mady is a very sweet girl and would make a great addition to a calm, patient home. Mady would do best in a home without small pets.

Fees: Due to Mady’s length of stay her adoption fee has been waived.

Monty — Miniature Pinscher Mix

ID No.: A126723.

Age: 13 years.

Story: Monty is an older guy, but has lots of life left in him. He has a great temperament, loves sitting in laps and being cuddled, and is housebroken. He would love to go home to a gentle and loving person, who can spend lots of time doting on him.

Fees: Monty is a member of PACC’s Silver Whiskers Club, which means his adoption fee is waived.

Andromeda — Domestic Medium Hair Mix

ID No.: A590446.

Age: 1 year.

Story: Andromeda is one of the few remaining cats from recent hoarding cases still waiting for a forever home. Due to her previous life, she is a bit reserved and shy. Andromeda would like to go to a calm and patient home with people who are willing to give her plenty of time to warm up to her new life. Andromeda has been at the shelter since February.

Fees: Due to Andromeda’s length of stay, her adoption fee has been waived.

Chelada — Domestic Short Hair mix

ID No.: A512913.

Story: Chelada has been at PACC since January and that’s a long time to wait for a forever home. She is a curious and active girl, who needs lots of physical and mental stimulation. She needs her play time. Chelada likes being petted and getting scratches, but can sometimes get overstimulated, so she would need a patient family to work with her.

Fees: Chelada is a member of PAAC’s Long Timer’s Club, so her adoption fee has been waived.