Stephanie Innes, the medical reporter for the Arizona Daily Star, was on her way to work Monday morning when she spied a lovely but obviously lost dog. She coaxed the small, fluffy dog into her car and came to work. The dog followed her into the newsroom. The dog was scared and skittish as Stephanie calmed it down. Fortunately the dog had a tag and a phone number. The dog’s name was Mr. Waffles. She called and reached his owners.

The owners Douglas and Christie Andersen had been distraught since Friday when they lost Mr. Waffles. They were visiting from Colorado Springs, Colorado. The had gone out to dinner Friday and left Mr. Waffles in the car. Sadly, their vehicle was stolen by the airport. Their vehicle was returned to them but Mr. Waffles was gone. Until Stephanie found him.

The Andersens’ came to the Daily Star and were reunited with a happy Mr. Waffles.