Greg Bryan / Arizona Daily Star

A lot of moseying goes on at Old Tucson Studios, where classic movies such as "Arizona," "Winchester '73" and "Three Amigos" were filmed.

But the Southern Arizona Roadrunners are coming to Main Street — and they're going to pick up the pace. The group is debuting the Sunrise at Old Tucson Cross Country Trail Run, which is actually two events.

A four-mile cross-country trail race cuts through dusty streets, horse trails and desert terrain. There's also a one-mile Cowboy Costume and Kid's Run designed to promote daily exercise and Wild West fashion. Come dressed up as a cowboy (or cowgirl) and bring your kids, even if they're parked in a stroller. There will be a little-kids' race afterward.

Randy Accetta, the event organizer, says Sunrise at Old Tucson replaces another annual race, Sundown at the Pass, which concluded at Old Tucson.

The event combines two of Accetta's passions — running and the American West.

"I came to Tucson to study American literature and did a lot of film study of the American West" at the University of Arizona, he says.

His favorite movie Western?

"I loved the old John Wayne 'Stagecoach' for the way it encapsulated that loner myth against the community."

Trail runners and walkers will get more than just sweaty. Each one will receive free entry into Old Tucson Studios, a trail-side breakfast and a T-shirt. Participants' friends and family members get discounted admission to Old Tucson.

To help get you in the mood to run through Old Tucson, we've put together a trail-run-themed trivia quiz. Get all the questions right, and you can tell your friends that you're an old hand when it comes to Old Tucson.


1. The original Old Tucson Studios was built in 1939 by Columbia Pictures as a replica of 1860s Tucson for what movie?

a. "Shane"

b. "High Noon"

c. "Arizona"

2. Universal Pictures released "Winchester '73" in 1950. Who was the movie's star?

a. James Stewart

b. Gene Hackman

c. John Wayne

3. A portion of the race's proceeds goes to the John Wayne Cancer Foundation. Wayne starred in four movies that were filmed at Old Tucson Studios: "Rio Bravo" (1959), "McLintock!" (1963), "El Dorado" (1967) — and what other film?

a. "Rio Lobo"

b. "True Grit"

c. "The Searchers"

4. John Wayne's nickname was:

a. The Cowboy

b. The Big Saguaro

c. The Duke

5. Wayne's nickname was borrowed from:

a. His brother

b. His alma mater

c. His dog

6. Wayne attended Wilson Middle School in what Phoenix suburb?

a. Goodyear

b. Glendale

c. Mesa

7. The 1980s comedy "Three Amigos" was shot at Old Tucson. The movie's stars were Chevy Chase, Martin Short and. . . ?

a. Dan Akroyd

b. Bill Murray

c. Steve Martin

8. In what year did fire destroy much of Old Tucson Studios?

a. 1975

b. 1985

c. 1995

9. The Southern Arizona Roadrunners workout group meets every Tuesday and Thursday evening at 6 at what Tucson park?

a. Gene C. Reid Park

b. Tucson Electric Park

c. Armory Park

10. The forerunner of the Southern Arizona Roadrunners was a group of six Sahuaro High School cross-country runners called:

a. Tucson Track Stars

b. Southwest Truckers

c. Fast Fajitas

Answers: 1c 2a 3a 4c 5c 6b 7c 8c 9a 10b

• When: 8 a.m. Sunday.

• Where: Old Tucson Studios, 201 S. Kinney Road.

• How much: $35 for the four-mile race, $20 for the one-mile non-competitive run-walk.

• More information: