Retro vs. vintage: Here's the difference

2013-07-11T00:00:00Z 2014-07-01T16:41:54Z Retro vs. vintage: Here's the difference Arizona Daily Star
July 11, 2013 12:00 am

A lot of vintage and retro clothing may come from the depths of grandma's closet, but it is still subject to the ebb and flow of fads. From worn-looking writing on T-shirts to a poodle skirt from the 1950s, definitions of vintage vary.

"People mix up used and vintage," said Kerstin Block, president and co-owner of Buffalo Exchange, who makes a distinction between retro styles - newer than the 1960s - and vintage from earlier decades.

The Buffalo Exchange near the University of Arizona campus sees it all, though. Students come in shopping for clothes to slap on before class or new threads for a party.

Many of the current trends mock fads that have come and gone once before, said Monica Gauthier, a trainer at the Speedway store. The store near campus tries to keep up with:

• 1980s-themed parties.

• Renewed interest in the 1920s, sparked by the film "The Great Gatsby."

• The popularity of retro, concert T-shirts.

• Demand for easy-breezy sundresses from the 1950s.

• Persistent calls for designer handbags and sunglasses.

• The artsy tastes of the surrounding community.

Johanna Willett

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