Here's a rundown of what you can see just through this weekend at the 22nd Arizona International Film Festival, Friday through April 28. For a full schedule of films and events, go to

Documentaries are indicated with an *. Those with the filmmaker in attendance are indicated with a #.


• 7 p.m. - Opening Night at the Cinema Hop, with screenings of *# "Zoom," the story of two high school kids in 1959 who decided to start a record label; # "Apio Verde," a drama about a Chilean woman needing an abortion in a country that forbids it; # "The Story of Luke," a comedy about a young autistic man and the obstacles he meets as he breaks out on his own, and *# "Escaramuza: Riding From the Heart," about the Mexican tradition of female horse riders. Crossroads.


• Noon - * "Indian Dreams." An Indian man takes a 2,000-mile journey to fulfill a lifelong dream of seeing the ocean. Crossroads.

• 2 p.m. - * "After Winter, Spring." Farmers in southwestern France who have held on to peasant traditions. Crossroads.

• 2 p.m. - * "Men at Lunch." The iconic 1932 image of iron workers eating lunch while dangling on a girder over Manhattan is paired with contemporary American men working in difficult times. Screening Room.

• 4 p.m. - "The Story of Luke." See opening night listing. Crossroads.

• 4 p.m. - * "My Village, My Lobster." The perils faced by commercial lobster fishermen on Nicaragua's Miskito Coast. Screening Room.

• 6 p.m. - "Garifuna in Peril." A drama about a language teacher fighting to preserve his Honduran culture as the tourism industry and Western influence grow. Crossroads.

• 6 p.m. - *# "Escaramuza: Riding From the Heart." See opening night listing. Screening Room.

• 8 p.m. - "The Girl and Death." A girl with a checkered past and a young Russian fall in love against all odds. Crossroads.

• 8 p.m. - Dramatic shorts: # "Farewell Jimmy," a jailed mobster looking to do one last job; # "Franky and the Ant," a professional killer devoted to loyalty; "Juaritos," a narco-blogger stands up to Mexican drug cartels; "Skinhead Requiem," a skinhead on death row and a priest visit before his execution; # "Survivor Type," a disgraced doctor fights for survival and waits for rescue on a deserted island, and # "Winter Storm," a father and son on their first hunting trip together. Screening Room

• 10:30 p.m. - Comedy Shorts: "Erase-Replace," Leo will do anything to get his cheating girlfriend back; "Party Politics," a discussion of politics turns a cool party chaotic; "Woody the Redneck," a mockumentary about a redneck; "Josephine and the Roach," a cockroach and the woman he loves; "División Azul (Blue Division)," a dark World War II comedy about two Spanish soldiers trying to survive as the Russians approach, and "Shoot for the Moon" asks "What if the moon landing was staged?" Screening Room


• 1 p.m. - *# Documentary shorts: "Reborning," a woman and her lifelike dolls; "The Derby Girls," roller derby and the women who play it; # "The Birdman," an anachronistic New York City record-store owner. Screening Room.

• 3 p.m. - *# "The Second Cooler" a look at how Latin Americans brave the desert to reach America. Panel discussion follows. Screening Room.

• 6 p.m. - # Global Shorts 1: "Duduk," a drama about a woman who gains insights as she cares for her mother's sick cat; "Rockaway," a young girl tries to overcome a difficult past; ".Sub," an African immigrant's language barriers, and "The Curse," traveling far from her village to meet her older lover, a young woman has second thoughts. Screening Room.

• 8 p.m. - * "The K Effect. Stalin's Editor," an experimental documentary using archival footage about a man who was an actor, forger, producer, Stalin's film editor and instigator of the revolution. Screening Room.