Fall arrives early in the retail world.

Really early, as in smack in the middle of summer.

“It’s weird when you start carrying sweaters in July,” says Sydney Duncan, who owns W Boutique.

But, that’s how the fashion world works.

We desert dwellers are still wearing shorts even as Halloween approaches, and yet “people want to feel like it’s fall,” says Lou Anne Kolt, who owns Clique. “You’re in the desert and it’s fall and it’s 98 degrees. What can you do?”

The answer: lightweight sweaters in fall colors.

Clique specializes in resort casual clothing, which syncs perfectly with Tucson’s climate.

If you want to look fall, in decidedly un-fallish weather, go for layers. Wear a cardigan, but put it over a tank top. As the day heats up, you can pull the cardigan off.

Tracey Rowley, a Cienega High School teacher and athletic coach, considers herself “Queen of Cardigans.” She lives in them year-round because she owns about 30 in a variety of styles and textures. They just go with everything.

And, if you really want to experience, and dress, for fall — hang out in places with arctic A/C.

Says Kolt, “That’s why I love to go to the movies.”