Tales from the Morgue

When the state of Arizona decided that those physically unfit to drive should be weeded out and their licenses recalled, it required that everyone get a new license.

This caused a bit of confusion. For a time it was believed that all Arizonans who wanted to drive would be required to pass a test on driving laws and ability. These days, such an idea would cause mass panic among people when they think of the wait at MVD.

As it turns out, only those who had not held a license before would be required to take the driving test. Everyone had to pass vision and hearing tests and those with physical disabilities would have to demonstrate that they could operate a vehicle.

Fortunately, in 1935, the population wasn't quite so daunting as it is today. Still, cancelling all licenses and requiring everyone to reapply must have been a giant task for all involved.

From the Arizona Daily Star, Sept. 3, 1935:

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