Tales from the Morgue

A young man was in love with a young woman. When she did not return his affections, he threatened her with a gun. But she quickly gained the upper hand.

From the Arizona Daily Star, November 14, 1916:


Unrequited Love May Have Prompted Reyna to Mad Act

That a story of disappointed love and attempted revenge may be unfolded when the case of Bartola Reyna, charged with threatening Barbara Viscarra, is told in court Thursday is the belief of county officers who are investigating the case.

Reyna is alleged to have entered a northside home Saturday evening armed with a gun, and to have threatened Miss Viscarra, employed there as a domestic, with bodily harm. She grappled with him and took the gun away, so the officers have found out, and drove him from the house.

Yesterday Reyna was arrested and placed in the county jail. On being arraigned before Justice Comstock he asserted his innocence of any wrong intention and his case was set for Thursday with his bond at $250. He was unable to furnish bond and is still in jail.

It is said that Rayna was madly in love with Miss Viscarra and was very happy when she accepted his attentions. Later, it is said, another young man caught the fancy of the young woman, and that when Reyna came around she repelled him.

County officers think that they matter can be settled and it may be that Reyna will be placed under a peace bond sufficiently high enough to guarantee that Miss Viscarra can keep company with other young men with safety.

Perhaps another young woman will catch the fancy of Mr. Reyna. Of course, given what appears to have recently happened to Miss Viscarra, that potential fancy would be advised to think twice before returning his affections.

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