Courtesy of Arizona Game and Fish

Arizona Game and Fish is temporarily caring for an 8-week-old mountain lion cub who was recently found in Arizona.

The cub was spotted multiple different times by Cornville residents, just north of Verde Valley.

According to a press release, the residents left the animal alone, which is the proper thing to do because the mother is typically nearby. 

However, after two weeks of monitoring the situation, the mother mountain lion never returned so biologists determined it was best to intervene. 

The cub was picked up on Nov. 3 by a wildlife rehabilitation specialist and was examined by veterinarians, who found the cub's health to be "poor-to-fair" condition, according to the press release.

“This one likely would not have made it without human intervention and specialized care at the Wildlife Center,” said Mike Demlong, AZGFD Wildlife Education program manager. 

Demlong also said the cub was lethargic and severely dehydrated when they found him. 

The cub will remain with the Arizona agency until a permanent wildlife sanctuary, wildlife park or zoo for the cub is found. 

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