Mountain lions
George Andrejko / Game And Fish Department

The Arizona Game and Fish Department of Tucson said the public has nothing to worry about after a hoax photo of a mountain lion in a bathtub was widely shared online. 

The department posted a public service announcement on its Facebook page Wednesday afternoon after apparently receiving a call from a "concerned citizen," the post said. 

The original Facebook post showed a photo of a mountain lion cub in a bath, saying the "cat" was found somewhere in southern Arizona, was covered with dirt and leaves and "ate 3 big cans of tuna." 

After the genuinely concerned citizen thought the post was real, they called Arizona Game and Fish, which is when the department posted the following PSA: 

"Troll Alert: Know that this post, making the rounds on (Facebook) and elsewhere, is a hoax. The cat shown is a mountain lion. No need to contact AZGFD about it, but we do appreciate a citizen letting us know," the Facebook post reads.

A similar post about a coyote being found and mistakenly taken in as a lost dog has also made the rounds in local Facebook groups. 

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