He wanted to know why today's story about his 65-count stalking verdict didn't include this, that and the other detail.

I asked him why he didn't show up for his trial.

Rodriguez claims his life was threatened. He also says much of the evidence against him — in both the case that just ended and a pending one — was planted by his victim and the cops.

He spent most of his time complaining that I reported he once beat his victim's sister severely.

He urged me to tell prosecutor Julie Sottosanti that if she can produce a video of the incident (which took place at a casino) he'll turn himself in.

I suggested that if all he told me was true, he probably should've stuck around to help his defense attorney, Rafael Gallego, mount a better defense.

I also told him that if he's ever caught the judge will likely slam him at his sentencing for having absconded while out on bail.

He hopes that never happens, but he plans on never coming back, Rodriguez said.

In the meantime, I told him to send any proof of his claims to me.

Oh, and if you're reading this Leo, my email address is kimsmith@azstarnet.com