Sirirak Anderson made stir-fry rice noodles as part of the Annual Tucson Meet Yourself festivities in 2011.

This originally ran Oct. 11, 2013.

Sunday at Tucson Meet Yourself is usually a little less crowded than Saturday, but with all of the same things going on — four stages, Cultural Kitchen, Folk Arts, Low Riders, and food booths.

Let’s start with the food, so as to gather strength for the rest of the experience. I’ll concentrate on El Presidio Park today. Unique to this area will be booths selling Turkish, Spanish, Costa Rican, Colombian, Danish, Greek, Bosnian, Middle Eastern, Polish, and French foods. The Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders will also be represented, and the International Students will be selling world deserts.

All this in addition to some of the foods we’ve already encountered in Jacome Plaza! And don’t forget the Cultural Kitchen, where you can learn as well as stuff.

On the City Hall Stage there will be a long session of “Sounds of Inspiration,” featuring a Congolese choir (I’ll be there!), Gospel, and other forms. That session winds up with Yaqui deer and pascola dances and Tohono O’odham singing and dancing.

At the Church Street Stage we’ll begin with a Mariachi Explosion, progress to the Pacific Rim, hear a Tohono O’odham blues band, dance to some R&B, and end up with music from the Ivory Coast. Where but at TMY can you take that trip?

The Community Matters stage will feature Cuban music and dance, a discussion of Islamic traditions, African-American music, and a presentation called “Tucson Meet Your Birds,” by the Audubon Society.

On the Global Rhythm Stage you’ll experience various kinds of Native American song and dance, a steel band, classical guitar, and much more.

And don’t forget the Folk Arts areas, the low riders up by the Tucson Museum of Art across Alameda Street, and the spontaneous jamming that’s sure to go on around the park. And then by 6 p.m. Sunday, Tucson’s most exciting blatantly educational experience will be over till next year. See you then!