A man that the Southern Poverty Law Center calls a "nativist" and who others refer to as a "neo-nazi" is calling for volunteers to launch a special operations effort this weekend in a Pinal County valley that Sheriff Paul Babeu recently said is in control of the drug smugglers.

Jason "J.T." Ready sent out an email (see below) calling for people to come to the Vekol Valley in Pinal County this Saturday in camouflage clothing and to bring "plenty of firearms and ammo."

He's promoting it as "the Minuteman Project on steroids!" He writes at the end of the email in all caps, "The invasion stops here."

He writes this about the "situation:"

"Armed Narco-Terrorists are bringing in loads of Chemical Warfare into our nation. These incursions should be treated no less serious than Al-Qaeda terrorists smuggling Sarin nerve agent into our population centers."

Here is the Southern Poverty Law Center profile of Ready: http://www.splcenter.org/get-informed/intelligence-report/browse-all-issues/2008/spring/the-nativists?page=0,17"> The Nativists, profiles of 20 anti-immigrant leaders.

And here is more 2007 blog post about Ready from the SPLC: ‘Americans First’ Leader Joins Neo-Nazi Protest


At a press conference on June 11 in Casa Grande about suspected drug smugglers who were shot in the same general area where a Pinal County Sheriff's deputy was shot on April 30, Sheriff Babeu said about this remote area of Pinal County, about 20 miles southwest of Casa Grande, "Drug cartels are in control," Babeu said. "We don't own that."


I heard back from Pinal County Sheriff's Office Lt. Tamatha Villar. She said that they do not, unfortunately, have the resources available to send deputies to monitor the operation but that the regional commander of the area "has been made aware of this information and he has instructed his patrol staff to monitor the area."

In a statement, Pinal County Sheriff Babeu said he understands the frustration but discourages people from coming. Here's the statement emailed by Villar:

"Two months ago, I stood with 10 local Police Chiefs and Senator McCain in calling on President Obama to immediately deploy 3,000 soldiers to secure our Arizona border. The President announced the deployment of only 1,200 three weeks ago and there is still no action. People from across America are calling and writing to offer their support and even want to come patrol remote areas of the our Pinal County. They want to stop the drug and human smugglers  who threaten our safety. Though I appreciate their support and offer to take up arms and patrol, this would not be helpful and would only cause a strain on already strained resources and their safety needs to be a priority. I do not ask or encourage them to come here. Securing our international border and fighting these heavily armed smugglers is the responsibility of the federal government. Local law enforcement can't handle this on our own, yet it will only complicate our concerns to have untrained and armed citizens, who are not from Pinal County - patrolling our desert areas. We currently have operations that are ongoing and advised to not take law enforcement matter into their own hands."


Here's the email sent out by Jason "J.T." Ready:


Border Ops:

Vekol Valley, Arizona

Saturday, 19th of June 2010


Armed Narco-Terrorists are bringing in loads of Chemical Warfare into our nation. These incursions should be treated no less serious than Al-Qaeda terrorists smuggling Sarin nerve agent into our population centers.

Please watch:


Camouflage or earth tone clothing preferred. Plenty of water and water containers. MRE's or field prepared meals are a plus. Valid I.D. on person and emergency contact information required. Military related gear a plus. Helmets, body armor, or related gear welcome but not required. Bring plenty of firearms and ammo. Bandanas, balaclavas, or other identity concealing items are permissible and encouraged.


Firearms safety brief and Rules of Engagement will be covered for all interested parties.


Show of force and solidarity of concerned patriots. NSM, Constitutional groups, Militias, Biker MC's, National Guard, Military, multi-state participation groups, etcetera; to stand the line near Interstate 8 to show the world that the line in the sand has been drawn. This is a completely legal venture and utmost professionalism and self-restraint is recommended.

Details of area will be given to confirmed participants only.

No media statements without prior authorization please.

This is the Minuteman Project on steroids!