Debate is heating up about Prop 107 and its potential impact on the University of Arizona.

UA president Robert Shelton made his views known earlier this week. In recent public talks, he has said the UA is working to make sure it could continue with its existing diversity goals and minority recruiting programs.

The "Yes on 107" campaign sent a press release questioning the university's affirmative action policies.

The campaign also issued this challenge to Shelton:

"President Shelton appears concerned that if Prop 107 passes, the university won't be able to put 'diversity goals' ahead of 'most qualified'," said Prop 107 campaign chair Rachel Alexander. "I bet there's a woman or a 'minority' that meets the minimum qualifications to be president of the university. I challenge President Shelton to walk his own talk and step down for the sake of 'diversity.' His $549,400 position could be given to an affirmative action applicant. Or perhaps he believes that discriminating quotas should only apply to other people, but not to him?"

Updated: (Several readers have pointed out that an earlier attempt by me to clarify that $549,400 figure actually muddied the water. So, I'll give it another try. Shelton gets a $470,000 salary, plus a $50,000 housing allowance, $10,000 car allowance, and other benefits.)

So, have you made up your mind on Prop 107? The campaigning seems to be heating up on this topic.