University of Arizona president Robert Shelton sent a letter to Governor Jan Brewer Monday, asking her to veto a bill that would allow the concealed carry of firearms on college campuses in Arizona.

"I urge you to veto"> Senate Bill 1467. Although I deeply appreciate and respect the sanctity of our constitutional rights, the presence of guns in an educational setting creates unnecessary risks to the safety of our students, employees and visitors, and is fundamentally inconsistent with our mission," Shelton begins in his letter.

Along with Shelton's letter, the Arizona Board of Regents staff released to the media letters from: the board president, the presidents of the other two universities, the presidents of the state's community colleges, the chiefs of police at all three universities, studet groups and faculty groups.

You can read all of these letters by clicking on the PDF under "Related Documents". (Shelton's is the last one in the packet.)

I am very interested in your comments on this topic, but please let's keep it civil. Do you think the governor should veto the bill? How do you think campus life will change if the bill becomes law?