The University of Arizona released as a public record this complete list of 50 faculty who accepted the buyout. They are organized here by college.

They are mostly tenured professors and include some academic administrators -- including then dean of agriculture and now interim president of the university Eugene Sander.

Together they earned about $5.4 million in salaries (not including benefits). In March, UA president Robert Shelton said he hoped the program would save $10 million.

Agriculture and Life Sciences

Linda Block

David Byrne

Edwin Carpenter

James Christenson

Nancy Huber

John Kelly

Robert Roth

Eugene Sander


Dennis Doxater

Alvaro Malo

R. Larry Medlin


J. Robert Hendricks

Charlene Kampfe

Shitala Mishra

John Orbzut

Darrell Sabers

Amos Sales

S. Mae Smith

Eller College of Management

Barbara Gutek

Gerald Swanson


Andrew Bahill

John Williams

Fine Arts

Moira Geoffrion


Charles Poverman

Eliana Rivero

Marilyn Skinner

Chia-Lin Tao

Rudolph Troike


Theodore Schneyer

Andrew Silverman


Harris Bernstein

Eldon Braun

Jennie Joe

John Nolte

I. Glenn Sipes

Hugo Villar


Judith Effken

Carolyn Murdaugh

Optical Sciences

Hyatt Gibbs


Clement Chase

Peter Downey

William Faris

Ke-Chiang Hsieh

John Little

Samuel Ward

William Wing

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Elizabeth Kennedy

Roger Nichols

Charles Smith

Vice President for Research

Barbara Morehouse