The Faculty Senate got an update Monday on how things are going with the search for the next University of Arizona president. Here's what's new:

  • The search committee met for the first time last week.
  • The Regents hired Jan Greenwood, of Florida-based Greenwood/Asher and Associates, as a consultant to the search committee.
  • Faculty leaders are preparing a survey to ask faculty what characteristics they want the next president to have.
  • An informal timeline is to interview candidates in December and hire someone in March. The new hire would start next summer.
  • The Regents will be traveling a lot to convince their ideal candidates to apply for the job.

And here's something to keep an eye on. Traditionally, the Regents have brought four candidates to campus to face the faculty and students and community members. But as Regent Myers put it, you'd never see a sitting university president among those candidates because they wouldn't put themselves out there for a 1 in 4 chance. For that reason, the Regents are considering more confidentiality in the process. Which means faculty and students and community members (and newspaper reporters) might not get a chance to vet the finalists. But that's not for certain yet.

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