If you prefer to buy food in bulk, check out Zaycon Foods.

It's a Washington-based food distribution company that comes to town with shipments of fresh meats. Registration is free online. Once you register, you'll get emails notifying you which products will be available and when. Customers pre-pay for each event. When the date arrives, you drive up to the truck and they put the case of food in your car. 

You do have to buy by the case, which is 40 pounds, so the amount may seem like a lot up front. But, if you split it with friends or family members, it works out to be a pretty good deal. They're coming to Tucson next month with 93/7 ground beef. Their price is $3.49 per pound, which is a pretty good price.

Mike Conrad, CEO of Zaycon Foods, said customers have the opportunity to work for food as well. If you want to help out at one of the events, you can earn $15 per hour to go towards your food purchase.

The company is growing. Conrad said they've got 1,800 customers in the Tucson area, and they're up 40 percent over last year. They've held 56 events in Tucson since the company started in mid-2012.

Go to www.zayconfoods.com for more information.