File photo of the exterior of Casa Video.

James S. Wood

Local video store, Casa Video, 2905 E. Speedway has revamped its daily specials. They have some pretty good deals. If you like the experience of physically going into a video store, rather than getting a movie out of a box, you should check Casa out. 

The fact that it's local adds to its allure. Not to mention its selection of foreign and independent films.

Here are the new specials:

Mondays: Keep all hot new releases for three days, plus get a free rental from the upstairs balcony. Also, get 20 percent off used dvds and game purchases.

Tuesday and Wednesday: Rent two movies for the price of one.

Thursday and Sunday: Rent a movie from the family/children section for free. Plus, if you rent  on Thursday or Sunday, you get to keep your movies for a week, excluding hot new releases. 

You can also rent movies online at