At the beginning of the year, I set out to accomplish a mini financial resolution every month and blog about it here. I was reminded of that yesterday morning by a reader wondering how those goals were going.

I was good about it for a few months, and then it got lost in the shuffle. And, honestly, I had a few financial issues get in the way of my savings plans. 

Here's a quick recap of what I have and have not accomplished so far.

We started checking our online bank statements every day and checked in with one another about what we spent each day, which was January's goal. We started having money automatically deposited into savings each month. Unfortunately, we've almost always had to fall back on that savings. But, we are fortunate it was there. 

Like a lot of others I know, we were spending a lot on getting coffee out every morning and getting lunch or dinner out, rather than cooking at home. We have made big changes in that area. We make coffee at home and bring lunch at least three times a week. We've also been cooking dinner at home more. It saves a lot of money, and it's much healthier. 

I had the goal of paying off my credit card by July. Unfortunately, that did not happen. We had some other things pop up that had to be taken care of instead.

All is not lost, though. We still have three months to go. Maybe I can get it paid off by January. 

My August goal of making healthy dinners for the month with a $200 budget (just to see if I could) fell by the wayside. I still want to try this. Maybe I can attempt that in October.

That brings us to now. September, National Coupon Month. The goal for this month is to save at least $50 on groceries with coupons.  I'm starting a little late, but I think this is totally doable. 

That's where I am with my 2013 resolutions. I've reached some goals, and missed others.

What I've learned so far is that making small changes can make a big difference. I've also learned that you have to be flexible. Sometimes you have to reset your priorities. And, while that can be frustrating, it's not the end of the world. 

How are your resolutions going? 

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