Do you have brilliant money saving tips that you love to tell people about? 

If so, here's your chance. 

I'm working on ideas for a video show that will air on, sharing weekly tips from readers. Tips could be about couponing, canning food, do-it-yourself ideas, energy saving ideas, stretching your pantry items at home. The possibilities are endless.

If you're interested, please email me your tips along with a photo to go along with it. If your tip and photo get picked, your name and photo will appear on the video show. 

One of my favorite money saving tips is to make home-made birthday party items. For example, I made printouts of sayings from comic books and attached them to crazy straws I got at the dollar store and placed them in jars for the kids to take as party favors for a Batman party. Another time, I made cupcakes, and used actual Hot Wheels cars, which are only a dollar each, to top them with, as party favors for the kids. Both of these ended up being a big hit and didn't cost me nearly as much as buying favors and ready made cupcakes. 

If you'd like to share your tips, please email them to

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