February's goals are to make and stick to a budget, pay myself first, via direct deposit into a savings account and get the diet on track so I can earn the insurance incentive in October. 

I've successfully gotten a start on the diet changes already, so I'm ahead of the game for February. I'm hoping to keep that momentum.

Making the budget should be easy. Sticking to it might be challenging.

We got a budgeting tip from a teller at our bank that I think we'll try.

She suggested my husband and I each get a separate free checking account and deposit money in it each month or each payday for our own personal spending. It can be used for whatever we want - lunch, movies, clothes, whatever. Once that is gone, that's it. The same idea could work with cash. The joint account will still be used for bills, groceries, etc.

Have you set monthly goals this year? If so, what's the plan for February?