How is everybody's resolutions going? We're going into the third month of the new year, and according to statistics, this is when our resolve tends to diminish.  But, I'm determined this year! Breaking resolutions down to monthly goals seems to be working for me.

February's goals were to make and stick to a budget, pay myself first, via direct deposit into a savings account and get the diet on track so I can earn the insurance incentive in October. 

We did pretty good. We had a few roadblocks, but nothing too major.  We did start paying ourselves first by having money automatically deposited into a checking account.  I love that banks have that option.  It really does make saving easier.  You don't even have to think about it. 

I find sticking to a budget to be challenging. What works for us, is checking our accounts online regularly. We get a text alert if the balance goes below a certain amount.  

The diet is going great, and I've started running again. Clothes are fitting better and I feel pretty good about it. So, I'm on track for that insurance incentive in October.