Glad We're in the Same School Valentine for kids. Total cost for 24 kids: $5.

Angela Pittenger / Arizona Daily Star

If you still need cards for your kids' classmates, Dollar Tree has super cute ones in packs of 12 for a dollar.

They come in a variety of themes, including robots, scratch and sniff, handwritten and more.

There are several stores in the area.  To find the one nearest you, go to

Or, if you're set on making your own, here's a quick and easy idea:

You'll need blue paper, a dark blue marker, swedish fish, clear goodie bags ($1 at 99 Cents Only Stores) and a white color pencil.

Here's what to do: If you're using 8 1/2 x 11 blue paper, cut it into fours, then cut the tops to look like water. Get the marker and write 'Glad we're in the same school.' Draw little white circles for bubbles with the pencil. Put it in the bag with three swedish fish and tie the bag with twist ties that came with the goodie bags.