There's nothing cuter than watching your husband and young son work on the car together. Hearing them laugh over the clanging of tools creates moments that stick with you.

It can also save you money. We've had quite a few car issues in the past year, many of which could have been fixed at home. But, not having the know-how, we'd take it into a shop for repair. That sure got expensive. 

So we decided it was time to learn how to do our own repairs, and it has saved us hundreds of dollars. For example, the oil pan on my husband's car is cracked. All of the oil dripped out. It costs about $160 for the part, and it's pretty simple to replace. To have it done professionally would cost about $300.

We are not mechanically inclined. We just got tired of spending twice the money on simpler repairs, so we look at how to videos on youtube and online forums whenever something needs fixed. We are also lucky enough to have a mechanic friend who answers questions for us if we get stuck.  

Obviously, there are repairs we just can't do. But, if it's simple, and cheaper for us to do it ourselves, we're on it.