I know, I know. Christmas is over, so why are we still talking gifts?

I'll tell you why. Because it's always good to have gift ideas in your head for when you need them. And because my husband's birthday was the Saturday after Christmas and I was excited about the cuff links I made him.

My husband likes to dress nice, so when I saw the blank cuff links at Michaels, I knew that I'd be getting them to make his birthday gift. They only cost about $5 for me to make, and he loved them.

All you need is blank cuff links, Mod Podge and a couple pictures. The pictures I used are photos I took of my paintings. I used these particular ones because they are Clint's favorites. You could use pictures of you or your kids or his favorite comic book characters. The possibilities are endless. Just cut the photos to size and glue them in with the Mod Podge.

Follow it up with a couple coats over the top of the pictures. And viola. You have a nice, personal gift.

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